Solving the Problems of Cell Phone Retail and Repair Stores

How EvoSale POS can work for you

As technology advances each and every day, people are presented with countless options that has simplified the way they do things to feel more connected to their work and friends.  Updates of the newest versions of cell phones, watches, tablets, and apps are constantly released, making it almost impossible to feel disconnected from the outside world. Most professionals have their work email, projects and largest clients’ database available at the touch of a button. Ironically, with all of these huge technology advancements, retail cell phone store and repair shop owners feel left out in regards to day-to-day transactions and important business information, due to missing an important up-to-date, renovated and improved Webpos (Point of Sale) system.

A POS system is a computerized network operated by a main computer and usually integrated and set-up in a physical location, where retail transactions take place and the payment is collected.

Traditionally, POS systems are known to be only cash registers and credit card machines set-up in a certain location where a consumer transaction takes place. The history of POS systems has been evolving throughout the years and thanks to advancement in technology. Now, POS systems offer extended features that go beyond keeping a record of sales and transactions; it can serve as retail management system that can provide everything from sales  to inventory to customer management. Additionally, some POS systems have the ability to capture employees’ information such as clock-in and clock out times and even run data reports to summarize important information. Although these advances and capabilities sounds very impressive, most current POS systems lack these abilities, which is desired by today’s cell phone retail and repair business owners to meet their unique business requirements.

EvoSale POS system gives a huge boost to cell phone retail and repair stores. It gives them the advantage to stay on top of their competitors by having the simplified, up to speed cloud-based technology to be able to solve and manage all of the obstacles business owners face.

With EvoSale, You can view transactions from anywhere

A major downfall of traditional POS systems is that they are stationary; meaning you can only access the information collected from a specific physical location. With an EvoSale cloud-based POS, you can log-in from any device.  With this awesome capability, you can absolutely view your work from anywhere. Whether you are at a different store location, or on vacation, you are all set and good-to-go!

For cell phone business owners, who may own multiple store locations this can be a major convince.  When you have the ability to log-in from any device, it means that you aren’t stuck to checking out customers in one physical location.

EvoSale allows you to track your inventory and your employees

By now, you are probably well aware that one of the biggest issues of being a cell phone retailer or a repair store is tracking your inventory.  Counting everything when a shipment comes in, entering your sales into your spreadsheets and counting inventory at the end of the day consumes a lot of time, effort and resources.  With EvoSale POS you can enter your inventory when the shipment comes in and then keeps track of it automatically whenever a repair or sale is made.  Likewise, through the automatic tracking of inventory and entering each sale or repair directly through the POS system, you are able to cut down on theft and loss, and possibly identify sources of problems.

With EvoSale POS systems you can also track your employees.  If you are a busy owner of cell phone retail or a repair store, you may not have the time to check-in with your employees every day.  You also might want to be able to track their progress towards goals or on projects without asking them to fill out a report and send it to you.  When an employee uses an EvoSale POS system, they log-in to track their hours.  While the employee is logged in, it also tracks their sales as they use the system.  With these capabilities, you can effortlessly check-in on your store anytime and have the peace of mind you need.

With EvoSale, You can also track your customers

If you think that being able to track your inventory and your employees at the touch of a button is wonderful, imagine being able to track your customers!  With the EvoSale POS advanced data system, you can see what your customers bought, when they bought it and the location they bought it from. While you may already be doing that through your own spreadsheets and reporting systems, EvoSale POS makes the data available to you quickly and effortlessly.  Additionally, through advanced analytic technology, the system is also able to make suggestions for additional sales based on a customer’s buying history.

 EvoSale keeps all of your transactions and bill payments in one place

As a cell phone retail or repair store owner, most likely you are constantly ordering inventory, supplies, and products from multiple sources, which mean multiple payments.  You may also be changing sources frequently to get the best products for the best prices as well as specific products for specific repairs.  With all of this, it is difficult to keep track of who to pay and when to pay them.  Through the EvoSale system, you can enter all of your purchases through the interface and it will keep track of your payments for you. With EvoSale, you are also able to track the purchase of used devices from customers as trade-ins or for monetary value.  By choosing to use EvoSale, you are able to hold all of your financial transactions in one place, making audits, taxes and business transactions much simpler.

As the owner of a cell phone retail or repair store, you should not have to settle for less than the best technology.  You understand that your business is yours to grow and succeed. When you choose to use EvoSale, you are using a constantly evolving and updating technology that does the hard work for you, which will increase your chances of being super successful. If you still haven’t used EvoSale POS system in your business yet, isn’t it the right time to change?


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